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At Firstline Media, we pride ourselves on our work with non-profit organizations and not-for-profit associations. Our communications campaigns have consistently outpaced those of our competitors, and allowed Firstline Media to rise to the top of the industry. By assessing the unique needs of non-profit organizations and developing news segments focused on action-oriented messaging, we are able to implement a strategy that is tailor-made for the non-profit sector.       

Our Advisory Committee meets daily to discuss each project we take on and determines the best method for delivering nationwide media coverage while staying true to an NPO/NPF’s long-term strategy. Firstline Media’s blend of professionals from broadcast news, public relations and corporate communications bring a unique approach to ensuring your organization and initiative receive nationwide media recognition in a significant and meaningful way.

Firstline Media produces and distributes the highest quality Public Service Announcements and broadcast news segments across television, radio, internet and out of home media. We also provide counsel, strategy and solutions to properly articulate and deliver your messaging. Our team has done extensive work in many areas, such as fund-raising, walk-a-thons, volunteerism, general awareness and other initiatives, and has crafted many successful campaigns for non-profit entities in medicine, health, nutrition, veterans affairs, sustainable energy, low-income housing and disaster relief.  

We work hand-in-hand with public relations agencies, corporate organizations and non-profit associations to develop a consistent message that will resonate with both target audiences and the general public alike.


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