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The Firstline Media team has a long history with the sports industry - from reporters and producers to sponsors and corporate communication specialists. Our ability to effectively communicate and exchange ideas with the nation’s top sports marketers and broadcasters has made Firstline Media #1 in sports production and distribution.

At Firstline Media our sports specialist are also sports fans, and are constantly researching and up-to-date with what the sports world is talking about. Our Sports Advisory Committee analyzes each project that comes through the door, and will identify a project’s strengths and weaknesses as a news segment, even before we take it on. The Firstline Media sports team understands what distinguishes sports broadcasting from traditional news, and uses that knowledge to develop a message that will reinforce the emotional bond between sports fans and your product or brand.

This thorough approach has led to our many successful projects working with Major League Baseball, the National Basketball Association, the National Football League and NASCAR – to name a few - as well as with individual Olympic  and professional athletes. We have had great success promoting non-profit sports initiatives, introducing new sports apparel and collector’s items, and driving media coverage and the public to sporting events. Our team will also research, identify and target the appropriate markets for your particular messaging.   

We work one-on-one with sports teams and organizations, sponsors, corporate partnerships and non-profit sports associations to provide broadcast communications counsel, strategy and solutions. We routinely secure nationwide coverage across broadcast, internet and out-of-home media outlets to deliver and properly articulate your messaging to the public.


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