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Firstline Media is at the forefront of consumer communications, bringing together a diverse team of public relations and broadcast media professionals with decades of hands-on experience in consumer product messaging.  We specialize in developing and implementing an individual strategy that guarantees the success of your project, and secure broadcast, internet, and out of home media coverage nationwide.

Crafting a message that is simple and easy to understand is key in a consumer communications campaign, and our ability to conduct and counsel our clients based on the latest market research has given Firstline Media an ability to consistently outpace our peers in terms of bottom-line results. Our expertise allows your project to stand out to a consumer base that is increasingly flooded with product messaging.      

We provide a range of services, including introducing a new product, building brand loyalty, shifting public opinion and engaging the consumer to take part in a campaign directly. Firstline Media can also provide counsel, strategy and solutions to nearly any consumer industry. We have launched and driven campaigns for everything from clothing and personal care products, to power tools and home appliances, to automobiles and GPS devices, to grocery items, electronics and cell phones.

Our ability to provide insightful messaging and editorial counsel to our clients, coupled with the highest quality broadcast production values, make our news segments a valuable commodity to news producers. That keeps them coming to us for consumer content that affects consumers both locally and nationally, and ensures that your messaging hits home with a national audience.

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